Learning PHP

Hopefully, we will have another PHP workshop next quarter, if some of the student teachers choose to put one together again. In the mean time, those of you interested in learning PHP, here are a few suggestions to get started.

XOOPS, an eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System, is an open source (as in free!) content management system built with PHP. I think it is an excellent product for students to learn about PHP, dynamic web site development, and a lot of related issues. Basically, it works with PHP and MySQL to provide a Web site a “back-end” system that makes it dynamic instead of static. You can design your own interface (XHTML/CSS) and manage it with XOOPS among other things. You can learn as much as you desire, or just use it to help you automate the development of web sites. You will need a Web server that supports PHP and MySQL.

On the XOOPS site, are some good PHP tutorials as well as an online Manual. I think the combination of downloading the XOOPS module, studying the tutorials and related manual, will give anyone a good starting experience with PHP, and certainly will expand your web development skills. The following links will get you to the site and the tutorials:

XOOPS Content Management System (Open Source – free)


php tutorial


php manual


W3Schools php tutorial



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