netWindows JavaScript tools

A set of JavaScript tools that can dramatically reduce the overhead of many applications is available in “netWindows”, a liberally licensed set of JavaScript applications that drive a user interface from the client side, according to Stephen Downes in his OLDaily newsletter.

The documentation states: “netWindows is a DHTML toolkit that aides in the construction of web applictions. The toolkit provides widgets which comprise the building blocs of an application interface and the core framework exposes mechansisms for developers to build their own widgets easily”. Check it out at

Send some feedback or comments if you make use of it and let others know how it functions. I suggest looking at the documentation, then then FAQ document, to get an overview of how the product can be implemented.


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  1. Chris Griego
    Dec 11, 2004 @ 12:25:30

    I can understand the use of a JS toolkit to create rich behaviors for widgets on a web page, but I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly what netWindows offers. Has anyone tried it or had better luck than me at deciphering their site?


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