Firefox Story: Wired Magazine

Everyone interested in interactive media should read the story about the development of Firefox by Blake Ross and Ben Goodger. It is a good read and gives you lots of information about the industry, how it works, and other good stuff. You’ll even hear about XAML, Microsofts developer language that is the heir to HTML, or so they hope! The current February 05 issue is in the Library, or Wired online conveniently makes the story available at:



The Year of the DOM

Simon Willison of Sitepoint suggests that cutting edge web designers have been fixed on CSS for the past couple of years and now that CSS is more established, 2005 is the year that JavaScript will take center stage. He describes a post-version 4 browser era where all major browsers now support on the standard called the Document Object Model or DOM, which makes JavaScript coding less painful. But the new world of CSS-based design elements gives new reasons for scripting. 2005: The Year of the DOM

We are working on changing the emphasis of our JavaScript course at AID and move it along more modern uses and in particular in a stronger relationship with CSS elements as well as envisioning it with the scope of “structure (XHTML) – presentation (CSS) – behavior (JavaScript). There are a number of articles that relate to this shift in the developers use of JavaScript that I have referenced in other articles. If you are interested in reading more, let me know.

Also, for those who would like to better introduce themselves or go deeper with the DOM, a couple of references for your study include:

For those who like the original specifications: Web Consortium DOM Technical Reference

For those who like to understand what they are reading: Introduction to the Document Object Model by Mike Hall at

Another interesting read is Joel Spolsky article about How Microsoft Lost the API War which concludes with the punch line:

None of this bodes well for Microsoft and the profits it enjoyed thanks to its API power. The new API is HTML, and the new winners in the application development marketplace will be the people who can make HTML sing.

Nvu! Open Source Web Editor

Sitepoint Tech Times also reports on a new open source Web Editor along the lines of a WYSIWYG editor such as Dreamweaver. Nvu, pronounced N-view (for new view) according to the developers, is currently in the second pre-release version N-vu 1.0 Beta (version 0.7). It is available for download at the N-vu site . It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.

The product is being developed by Linspire, and is based on Gecko, the layout engine inside Mozilla. It claims to be super fast, reliable, and standards conformant with remarkable support of XML, CSS and JavaScript. It is the replacement for Mozilla’s composer product within the Mozilla browser, and will become a separate Mozilla product much like their Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird applications.

I have downloaded a Mac version and struggled without documentation and all seems well, even though I perfer coding with BBEdit. I also experienced some wierdness in my Mac Operating system shortly thereafter which I do not know was caused by N-vu, but have removed it until further versions are released. It may be an important product to watch, since its price is right for everyone. It’s free.

White Rock Lake in Winter?

A little break from writing papers – a trip down the street for a hours walk at White Rock. Sure seemed like a beautiful summer day in January!

CSS on your IPod!

With Podcasts, movies, calendars, etc. the IPod’s value continues as an amazing media player or recorder, sound system, etc. This is not a commercial for Apple or the Ipod, but that’s just because I haven’t bought one–yet. The day is very near.

Now you can upload the Style Master CSS podGuide from WestCiv. To get your css podGuide go to the Western Civilisation site at: Information and installation instructions are available on the website.

Another new concept for the IPod is PodSites. PodSites take advantage of linking features of the Notes component, and lots of things can be done with these sites that can be uploaded to your ipod. The Podsites web site can give you all the information about how to create podsites: Podsites was created by Westciv, the same company that provides the free CSS PodGuide. Podsites that are currently listed on the Podsites site include: Web Accessibility, Tao Ti Ching, The US Constitution. Podsites are particularily handy for learning tools, that can assist you with coding, design issues, standards information, or just about anything you can dream up.

South by Southwest Festival 2005

This year’s South by SouthWest Festival will be held in Austin March 11-15. Review the SxSW Interactive at and the list of speakers at: If you have heard of a developer or read any of the blogs referenced on the links of this page, they are probably going to present at the conference. This is a must see for designers if at all possible. In addition to the interactive section there is also film, and music. The whole town is alive with the festive and conferences. If you can afford the time and save some dollars, this is the place to hang out in March.