CSS on your IPod!

With Podcasts, movies, calendars, etc. the IPod’s value continues as an amazing media player or recorder, sound system, etc. This is not a commercial for Apple or the Ipod, but that’s just because I haven’t bought one–yet. The day is very near.

Now you can upload the Style Master CSS podGuide from WestCiv. To get your css podGuide go to the Western Civilisation site at: http://www.westciv.com/news/podguide.html. Information and installation instructions are available on the website.

Another new concept for the IPod is PodSites. PodSites take advantage of linking features of the Notes component, and lots of things can be done with these sites that can be uploaded to your ipod. The Podsites web site can give you all the information about how to create podsites: http://www.podsites.com/. Podsites was created by Westciv, the same company that provides the free CSS PodGuide. Podsites that are currently listed on the Podsites site include: Web Accessibility, Tao Ti Ching, The US Constitution. Podsites are particularily handy for learning tools, that can assist you with coding, design issues, standards information, or just about anything you can dream up.


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