More on JavaScript as Behavior

I have reported a new direction in the use of JavaScript in the past, and a new article by Peter-Paul Koch reminds me to review the sources of information and share with students and faculty. Koch’s newest article, JavaScript Triggers, is located in Zeldman’s A-List-Apart: He discusses the strict separation of structure, presentation, and behavior in semantic web site development, and gives examples of how he suggests using the “id” attribute as a JavaScript trigger, rather than dumping loads of JavaScript into the structure of an XHTML document. I am also adding a list of articles that discuss this direction in the use of JavaScript now that CSS has taken over some of the functioning of JavaScript. The direction is to use JavaScript to manipulate CSS objects, among other behavioral functions. These articles are the only references I have found that speak to these issues. I would appreciate anyone adding to this list if you have read of this type of application and it is not listed here.

Separating behavior and structure, by Peter-Paul Kock


Separating Behavior and Presentation, by Peter-Paul Koch


The Behavior Layer, Peter-Paul Koch


Enhancing Structural Markup with JavaScript, Simon Willison

Presentational JavaScript, Bobby Vandersluis

JavaScript navigation – cleaner, not meaner, codepo8 (evolt)


Introduction to Events, Peter-Paul Koch

Some Additional Articles related to JavaScript issues:

For other articles about JavaScript from Peter-Paul Koch, go to his site and select the link to JavaScript

Validating a Custom DTD, by J. David Eisenberg

JavaScript: How Did We Get Here?, by Steve Champeon

JavaScript: Why You Don’t Know More About It, by Steve Champeon


Working With JavaScript: Introduction, by Steve Champeon

Modifying Styles, Apple Internet Developer Site


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