CSS and Browser Bugs

Any time I mention to a former student about going deeper into CSS, I get the old response that they don’t want to deal with all the browser issues. Unfortunately the way the world is working these days there will probably always be “browser issues” for web developers. My attitude is that I want to use XHTML, CSS, XML, and JavaScript the way it is intended to be used, irregardless of some manufacturer who has decided otherwise, or simply can’t get their act together. Many developers are quite comfortable getting around the various bugs and still manage to produce outstanding web sites that are well formed and validitated for CSS, XHTML, and Accessibility.

So where do you turn to find out how to manage the problems. To begin with, always design your sites in the most compliant browsers, which at this time include Firefox/Mozilla, Safari 1.1, and Opera. Then when something doesn’t work correctly in IE or other browsers, find out who has solved that problem and what the work around is.

Peter-Paul Koch has released Bug Report, a welcome and great resource for finding solutions to the problems you experience with specific browsers. The report is updated by professional developers and your participation will be welcome.

Additional sites that also provide solutions and reports of bugs include:

Position is Everything, CSS Bugs in IE5.x from Mac Edition, and the resourceful css-discuss wiki, the online part of the css-discussion listserv.

Dealing with browser bugs is not the most exciting part of the job, but creating web sites without CSS/XHTML is a much worse situation!


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