Data transfer record

Could we please have about 1/100th of this for our network????

A Japanese company has developed technology to transmit a 2 hour movie in 1/2 second, which is the world’s fastest speed to be achieved with fibre-optic cables.

Kansai Electric used fibre-optic cables on power-transmitting steel towers to achieve the speed of one terabit per second, which is more than 100 times faster than inter-city data transmissions currently in use, a spokesman says.

The company, Japan’s second-largest power supplier, has not decided when to put the technology into practical use but says it is possible that it would come in 2010 or later.

from ABC NewsOnline:


Search Engine Ranking Factors

Roger Johansson of 456 Berea St. recommended Sean Fraser’s excellent resource about search engine ranking of web sites. This important aspect of web design, especially when you are doing a commercial site, has changed dramatically in the past few years and will continue to change as the major search engines alter their techniques. I found the article very well organized and valuable for understanding the current issues involved and how to design the search engine ranking information. Most designers are not aware that a lot of the rankings have to do with content, and not special metatags. A good read.