New Weblog for Students

I have been getting a good bit of spam from this blogger site and have been wanting to move my classes over to WordPress but there was not a free web-based server providing it, until now! James Farmer, an Educational Technologist from Australia has complimented for educators with for students. To open a free, hosted WordPress weblog, just log in at and get started.


Web Based Applications

I do a lot of research on web-based applications that help people accomplish things and there is a new site that lists about 200 such applications that I think is worth a look for students, instructors, and anyone trying to get more accomplished.
“I Want To:” is the name of the site, as it is set up to tell what you want to do and then it gives you a group of links that are suggestions for applications that can accomplish that
If you find something you like and use, add a comment here and tell others!