FireFox 1.5 Update Required for Web Classes

If you have not upgraded to FireFox 1.5, please do so for all AID web scripting classes. This is a significant upgrade and a number of new CSS features have been added including: css3 multi-column layout, only-child pseudo-class, overflow-x and overflow-y, the cursor property, JavaScript 1.6 new features and ECMAScript EX4, xml-events, and svi (scalable vector graphics). These are not browser specific enhancements but simply Firefox adding to the Web Standards that already exist and beginning to move toward the full compliment of CSS 3 specification. To try out these new features we have only read about, you will need to be using FireFox 1.5.

A word of caution. I had problems installing the new version of Web Developers Tools which is a must for any web designer/developer. It is necessary to uninstall the current version after you update to 1.5, and then install the new version of developers tools. Hopefully, this has been modified and works better now, but it was a problem when the 1.5 version first appeared a few weeks ago.


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