PodTech:Zoho Notebook demoed

Zoho Notebook is a new type of application that allows aggregation, recording, video, audio, drag and drop from web, and lots of interesting collaborative features. This video shows what it can do, as well as introduces other Zoho applications – all free except for two. Thanks to Robert Scoble and Podtech for the video and for making it so simple to transfer to this blog.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/05/PID_011421/Podtech_ZoHo_demo.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/scobleshow/technology/1508/zoho-notebook-demoed&totalTime=853000&breadcrumb=9f6885945d4b4df99580528527a93148]


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