Intermediate Scripting Langs: website moved

The website for Intermediate Scripting Languages has been moved to the aid.aiistudentwork server located at the school. The full address for the site is now: . The old site will still be active for a few weeks, but please note this new location.


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  1. D.D.
    Oct 05, 2007 @ 01:55:43

    Did you know?? and wk11.html links are broken….

    Tell all your current students that your teaching is never ending. I am still learning helpful stuff as I finalize my portfolio website. Your site and your blog are extremely useful and I wish more of my GD instructors would do something similar.
    (er, GD = Graphic Design).

    And just FYI, you were right, my website was needing a Clear:Left tag to make my pages work in IE7. (I know, I know, who cares about IE7 users?? My sister in Houston does.)

    Kudos as always,


  2. webstuff2
    Oct 05, 2007 @ 09:51:58

    Thanks D.D. for the plug but mainly for being a strong self-directed learner who helps us all realize why teaching can be rewarding. It really is about the learner. And I’m trying to expand the blogging concept, it is slow, but some are getting involved. Our department is next, and we have an agenda to get everyone working on every class, so that will hopefully affect other departments.

    I did notice the last rework of the ISL site left out two weeks. Those are workshop and presentation, but somehow it got lost so I have to rebuild before Week 10!

    BTW – I didn’t mention in my other comment to your comment that the Google additions you are doing on the client’s site are great. Those tools make the web interesting and informs you of what is really happening with a site – so keep pushing and finding things. You might even do a blog article or two about your experiences with those technologies. You are welcome to post it on Webstuff2 if you don’t have one going for yourself!



  3. D.D.
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 01:00:35

    Well, Mr. B –
    I may just do that! (Write an article about the Google Analytics findings and post to your blog).

    First here are 3 tidbits of interest:
    1. I’m now reading the Google Analytics Blog and am finding all kinds of real world examples and helpful explanations which seem more detailed than the online help.

    2. Since I’ve setup the analytics on my friend’s art school website, Google Analytics reports that 80% of the visitors are using Internet Explorer, 12% Mozilla and 8% other. I know you are a Mozilla fan (as am I), but that is a rather large majority for IE. I realize that I can draw no firm conclusions from less than 45 days worth of data – but I find it interesting all the same.

    3. I also wonder why I am fascinated with watching the global map analysis – for some reason I keep getting excited with each new non-American visitor to the site. I have no idea why someone outside of the DFW area is interested in this site, nevertheless folks in Germany, Ireland and India…but it peaks my interest. I realize that they are not target audience, but it does make me think twice about what their user needs can be.

    Off to investigate more,
    D.D. (Sherlock) Lindsey


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