Screencasting and other activities

Leigh Blackall’s “What to Do” provides a group of instructional videos that engage you in activities that will add to your PLE tool chest. I believe that as we experience new digital technologies we gain new potential as designer/developers and here you can pick and choose what is attractive and appropriate for your needs.

If you enjoy the videos and find some useful information, don’t hesitate to comment and thank Leigh for making these tutorials available. It never hurts to add a friend to our blogging network!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. danielbaum
    Oct 04, 2007 @ 21:42:03

    Hey mr. Batchelder,
    its Daniel Baum from IMD on mondays,
    its my first quarter and i just got done doing my 2.0 responce, but now i cant seem to find my way around to respond to a few class mates post of there “about me”.

    anyway you can help me out?




  2. webstuff2
    Oct 04, 2007 @ 21:50:02

    Daniel, go to the blog, and your classmates are listed in the bloglinks there.


  3. danielbaum
    Oct 05, 2007 @ 09:51:48

    Thankyou for the quick reply!.
    see you monday.



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