WordCamp Dallas 2008

A unique opportunity for IMD students (and others) is the WordCamp Dallas event to be held in Frisco Saturday, March 29 – Sunday, March 30, 2008. WordCamp is an informal gathering of WordPress users where they “teach, learn, eat, drink and generally have fun with one another.” There have been dozens of these events throughout the world and this is the first opportunity for the Dallas/Ft.Worth area! The cost is $20 and there will be coffee and munchies, lunch, and t-shirts to take home. The event will be held at the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center in Frisco, Texas. To register and learn more about the gathering visit the website at http://dallas.wordcamp.org.


Inexpensive Video

I just learned about Flip Video, a $119 video camera that appears to produce good enough quality video (30 min) and it plugs directly into the USB port of a computer. It could be a real value for IMD students to implement original video clips in projects which would add meaning and value to your communication.

Check them out at http://www.theflip.com/products_flip_video.shtml

The models shown below are $149, but there is also a model for $119.

Flip Video Cameras