Articles about Web Design

I have just posted a link to a Word document that contains direct links to a group of articles available from the website. These articles are by authors of recent books related to web design or they are actual chapters from books. I listed these to suggest that this is a way of keeping up with the latest resources as well as get in touch with authors you may not have read before. There is a wealth of material about progressive enhancement, html5, css3, designing with grids, and other interesting design issues. To get to the list go to my ftp site and the resources at the bottom of the page, Articles & Books. Look for the “alistofarticles.doc” link to download the linked titles. I will add a list of relevant books in a short time. If you go to the peachpit site, articles section, and select the “web design & development” topic from the left side menu,  you’ll find many more articles on other topics of interest for your reading.


Sharing resources

In the interest of sharing the wide variety of resources this instructor uses, my Netvibes account has been expanded to include most of my netvibes tabs which can be found at The delicious account is simply If you have problems accessing my sites, please let me know.

It’s time! (for HTML5)

This week we begin full focus on HTML5 in our web design/interactive media web scripting courses (client-side and server-side). The modular nature of the release of HTML5 and CSS3 assets have been available for some time, and will probably be completed by the end of the year or early next year. We only work with what is fully usable, and experiment a bit with future features, but it is a different, more efficient and semantic way of coding sites. The new html5 document structure begins with simplicity: . This is a great improvement over the 2 line doctypes from HTML and XHTML.

The early books about HTML5 are still forthcoming, but we can recommend a few  books to help you get started.

Introducing HTML5 by Bruce Lawson, & Remy Sharp, 2011. New Riders, ISBN 0321-687299, $34.99.

Also check with Safari Books Online (through our library) for more new titles available to read free through the schools online account.

Hardboiled Web Design, by Andy Clarke, 2010. Five Simple Steps, ISBN 9781907828011.

HTML5: Up and Running, by Mark Pilgrim, 2010. O’Reilly Media. ISBN 10: 0-596-80602-7

If students are interested, we can provide a 1-2 hr workshop about HTML5 to help you get started.