Changes are now!

It is time that we engage in a broader conversation, through our blogs, google+, twitter and other collaborative tools you may add to the process. Web design has been changing over the last year or so, and today we find ourselves with better languages (html5, css3 at least) and better concepts for our frameworks and support apps such as Less (, Sass (, Twitter’s Bootstrap ( and support files in html5 Boilerplate ( and Andy Clarke’s 320 And Up ( We also need to pay full attention to Responsive Web Design ( ), which is rapidly becoming the best practice of the era of numberless devices that web designers must include whenever we design a new interactive project.

Where to begin is not easy to figure out. Perhaps the best place to begin is to get a more collaborative and focused conversation started between students and instructors, students and students, all of us and others in the broader global community of web designers.

This blog is about to become more active, actually a new version of Webstuff2, perhaps Webstuff3 to indicate a next level. It is not easy to write regularly, but there is too much going on to simply hold on to it, or try to slip it into a curriculum that is becoming somewhat stifled. I firmly believe that a curriculum is more than what happens in the classroom however, and it is time to find out how much we can grow, just because we want to learn more, and be the best at what we are doing.

This intro to the “webstuff3 era” will be followed with an article about Responsive web design, as well as a list of resources that everyone should be reading. More soon.