Changes & Transitions

I am in the process of changing my hosting and will move my websites and eventually this blog to a new hosting service. I will finally have all of my projects in one environment, which I hope will give me more time to focus on writing and creating sites that are meaningful to those who want to learn web design as well as develop self-directed learning skills. I am also designing websites again, and will host some of my clients on the new hosting environment. It is an exciting transition for me as I continue to find more focus in retirement, although I am still teaching as an adjunct Professor.

Since my retirement and transition to adjunct teaching I am beginning to focus on work with faculties who are interested in developing digital literacies through training in a variety of social software tools and processes. I have taught a class for beginning web design students that was a similar approach, but I find that without good models of how software and networking can be effective and expansive for learning, these vital skills will not be easily available to the majority of students. So a transition to working with other teachers in a new type of professional development is slowly underway.

Once my new hosting and domain transfers take place, I will continue to post at this site until I can establish the new environment.