On the 25th Birthday of the Web!

Wow, this means I’ve been doing this stuff a long time, as I was involved in networking through newsgroups and online boards like the Well before this. I remember seeing the first Web pages where I immediately downloaded them and began to learn HTML. And the first book I purchased that had a chapter about HTML, and the Mosaic browser created by Chris Anderson, who soon after that started Netscape.

A student asked me today “How wealthy is Tim Berners-Lee, he must be worth a fortune?” I sense that Tim Berners-Lee is more excited about what the web has accomplished than whether he gained any $$ for it. And I know he gave us the Web, he never sold it. He convinced his company at the time, CERN, the physics lab in Switzerland, to give his work to the world freely, and they chose to do just that.

The challenges Mr. Berners-Lee presented to us who work with the web during his brief video on this day are an important mission for us all. The Web is still unavailable to over 2/3 of the world population. The global community is what gives the unusual power of the web to all of us who design and develop for it. It is a privilege we have to be a part of this amazing communications channel allows us to find ways to make a difference, to engage in discovery and meaningfulness in every opportunity we have to learn new technologies, and to share our work with everyone possible.

I like many others have had my credit card hacked twice recently, and how to curb the problems with security are of great interest to all of us. My attention to passwords and secure methods of working on the web, have heightened, and caused me a lot of extra time and concern. This effort must be deliberate and we have to discover better, more secure ways to connect and transact business on the web.

And while my talents may not contribute much to these very real challenges, my personal support for those who can and do work on the issues will have my support and cooperation. And I will teach others processes that will make their web transactions safer and more secure.

But most important of all, is my commitment to making a difference with web technologies. My personal company is focused to working only with those who also want to make a difference, and who demonstrate a willingness to partner with me to accomplish what they envision, rather than become “clients”. This is my small effort to engage in the meaning that is there for us to find and distribute.